Inventory Management

Rawson has over 50 years of experience in helping our customers reduce their inventory and streamline their technical (and non-technical) purchases, with the net result of reducing overhead. Rawson can provide customized tagging and bar coding, take-off support from your drawings, and jobsite inventory management.

We manage over 120 consignment inventory locations on the Gulf Coast. Rawson personnel typically manage the inventory counts and replenish the inventory, thereby allowing your warehouse personnel to perform other tasks.

Customer Inventory Optimization
Rawson personnel are trained to be observant and recognize product overlaps, too many items in stock relative to the demand, and reduce the amount of old technology items that have newer, less costly replacements.

On-Site Inventory
We can have industrialized vending machines installed at your locations to improve cost accountability, cost savings, and reduced cycle times.

We will set up portable warehouses /trailers on-site during construction activities and provide exclusive instrumentation inventory management with full time Rawson personnel for the duration of the project.

Bag & Tag
Rawson provides all components necessary for your installation needs. This capability assures our customers that their systems will be of the highest integrity. We will pre-package components (bag & tag) and pre-calibrate instruments in order to provide you reduced installation time.

Rawson is also capable of delivering already assembled components to reduce installation time and risk.