Energy Management Solutions

Rawson Energy Management and Technology (EM&T) Division is ready to help you determine areas of waste related to your energy production and utilization. Using state of the art tools and technology to collect and analyze data about your steam and plant air systems, we are able to identify inefficiencies and make suggestions to improve production capabilities. Because our survey teams work around steam systems in a petrochemical environment, safe work practices are integrated into our daily routines. From EM&T’s inception, we have logged a spotless safety record.

Rawson EM&T is committed to providing the most accurate data and the highest quality products to our customers. We can supply all the products and services needed for a complete and state of the art steam analysis, helping you improve the steam quality, equipment reliability and steam system safety at your site. Rawson EM&T is able to provide solutions to customers located in Texas, Louisiana, Southern Arkansas, Southwest Mississippi and Southeast New Mexico. If you are interested in conserving energy and saving money then contact us today!

Maintenance Management and Consulting
Rawson EM&T works with your in-house personnel and resources to provide advice in the following areas:
• Steam Trap System Database Management
• Steam Trap Maintenance Response Management
• Steam & Condensate Application Solutions
• Logical Solutions Using In-House Resources
• Engineering Assistance – Steam, Condensate & Other Areas

Steam Trap System Analysis using TLV’s TM5N-P
• Design tailored database in TrapMan® software
• Develop survey routes & test safely accessible traps
• Install stainless steel identification tags to each location
• Attach brightly colored markers to failed locations
• Provide comprehensive reporting with suggestions
• Post survey training and auditing options

Compressed Gas Leak Survey using TLV’s SonicMan®
• Identify various gas leaks and assigning monetary value
• Tag each leak location physically and digitally
• Provide comprehensive reporting
• Mitigation assistance

Pressure Gauge Evaluation Survey
• Identify Gauges by Process, Manufacturer, Size, etc.
• Examine for Damage, Readability & Functionality
• Provide informative decisive reporting
• Reporting includes suggested replacements


Steam Solutions

Our team of specialists have years of experience in planning and engineering. This knowledge, combined with our valuable manufacturer partnerships, allows us to provide you with a full steam system solution.

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