Maintenance Management and Consulting
(Advise In-House Resources in the following areas)
• Steam Trap System Database Management
• Steam Trap Maintenance Response Management
• Steam & Condensate Application Solutions
• Logical Solutions Using In-House Resources
• Engineering Assistance – Steam, Condensate & Other Areas

Steam Trap System Analysis using TLV’s TM5 EX
• Design tailored database in TrapMan® software
• Develop survey routes & test safely accessible traps
• Install stainless steel identification tags to each location
• Attach brightly colored markers to failed locations
• Provide comprehensive reporting with recommendations
• Post survey training and auditing options

Compressed Gas Leak Survey using TLV’s SonicMan®
• Identify various gas leaks and assigning monetary value
• Tag each leak location physically and digitally
• Provide comprehensive reporting
• Mitigation assistance

Pressure Gauge Evaluation Survey
• Identify Gauges by Process, Manufacturer, Size, etc.
• Examine for Damage, Readability & Functionality
• Provide informative decisive reporting
• Reporting includes recommended replacements