XR-81 New Design with Finned Top All Welded Seals

The new XR-81 Finned Top model is an all welded system which combines the proven durability and performance of US Gauge 4-1/2″ SOLFRUNT 1981 dry 316L SST process gauge and a modified M&G all welded 316L SST diaphragm seal with male threaded connection. The new design features cooling fins added to the bottom of the seal body. The fins allow for higher operating temperature while protecting the pressure gauge as well as increased strength to preventing rupture. The fins are able to reduce the process temp from 225°F to 160°F by the time it sees the bourdon tube. The option of including a flushing port to the seal is available.

This system is NACE MR-01-03 and NACE MR-01-75/ISO 15156-3 compliant and offers superior protection in corrosive and hazardous media applications than standalone gauges. Designated operating pressure is 3000 psi at 100°F and has a maximum pressure rating of 5000 psi.