Universal Thermodynamic Disc Trap with Thermostatic Air – PowerDyne® FP46UC QuickTrap®

Inline replaceable and cleanable 2-bolt universal flange steam trap with high air venting capability. For steam mains, tracers and coils.
Two-bolt flange connector, replaceable trap unit and module valve seat permit replacement in minutes without disturbing piping.
Universal flange permits trap installation in optimum position regardless of piping.
Screen is located in connector to provide protection while keeping replacement costs low.
Connector gaskets are easily replaced after cleaning to allow for trap unit reuse.
Air-jacketing reduces no-load cycling and extends service life.
Quick thermostatic air venting with bimetal ring for fast start-up.
Lapped disc provides steam-tight seal without air-binding for long service life.
Hardened stainless steel working surfaces for long service life.