Ultra Low Range Pressure & Flow Transmitter – VELTRON DPT

The VELTRON DPT ultra-low range pressure and flow transmitter is designed to receive signals of space or duct pressurization and reference pressures from static pressure sensors, or signals of total and static pressure from an airflow station or traverse probe(s), and convert the sensed differential pressure into a 4-20mADC current output signal proportional and linear to the static or velocity pressure. The VELTRON DPT is packaged in a NEMA Type 4X enclosure with industry-standard process connections, and is 2-wire loop powered. An optional integral LCD digital display provides local indication of the measured process in appropriate engineering units (i.e IN w.c.; CFM; lb/hr; %, etc.). A pair of test terminals exists on the output terminal board that can be used for calibration and test purposes.