Temperature Sensors

A thermocouple is two wires of dissimilar metals joined at one end. Changes in temperature at the junction induce a change in electromotive force (emf) at the other end. Our standard offering includes base-metal (J, K, E and T) and noble-metal (R, S, and B) calibrations.

RTD’s or Resistance Temperature Detectors
An RTD’s resistance increases as the temperature increases. We offer both wire-wound and thin-film designs, depending on the application. Many possible curves are available, from 100-ohm, 500-ohm, and 1000-ohm platinum RTDs in both DIN and American alphas, to nickel-iron and copper curves.

Thermistors rely on the resistance change in a ceramic semiconductor, with the resistance dropping non-linearly with a temperature rise. Many different elements are offered, including the common 10K and 100K curves.

IC Sensors
The integrated circuit (IC) temperature transducer provides either voltage or current output and is extremely linear.