Tachometer Power Supply Kit with T-Bus Connector

Programming has been greatly simplified and can be accomplished by 2 different methds. Many configurable attributes have been added to improve flexibility and function.

Display front panel: TACHTROL 10 and 30 can be programmed through the integrated display/membrane panel. TACHPAK 10 and 30 can also be programmed in the same manner with the addition of a TACHTROL plus remote display. In either case programming is accomplished by navigating through a series of nested menus. In the case of tachometer instruments embedded in explosion proof or NEMA 4X enclosures, remote access solves the problem of programming by making use of an IR link to allow full front panel control via a hand-held remote.
PC/Windows-based GUI (Graphical User Interface): Custom software allows the user to program all configurable attributes to TACPAK and TACHTROL by PC via a USB2.0 or RS485 connection. In addition, the PC can be used to display data, perform security functions, diagnostics, analog output calibration and real-time data logging; all available through the GUI.

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