Spring Assisted, Multiple Nozzle Spray Desuperheater – SAMN-U

The spring assisted multiple nozzle desuperheater reduces steam or gas temperatures by introducing cooling liquids directly into the hot vapor. Copes-Vulcan’s SAMN-U has six nozzles which can be opened or closed to vary the coolant flow. This provides a higher turndown than single nozzle units where the amount of coolant flow is dependent only on the ability to vary the pressure drop across the nozzle. SAMN-U contains an integral spring loaded flow plug which moves in response to a change in pressure differential between the coolant inlet pressure and the main header pressure. As the plug moves, more or less nozzles are uncovered introducing more or less coolant into the main header. The cooling water inlet pressure is controlled by a Copes-Vulcan Severe Duty or General Service Globe Valve.