Process Multi Loop Controller – MOD 30ML™

MOD 30ML is equipped with one communication network as standard, jumper-configurable for peerto-peer or Modbus RTU. The peer-to-peer Instrument Communication Network provides communication with other MOD 30ML controllers, MODCELL Multiloop Processors and Taylor MOD 30 instruments. The ICN supports up to 15 devices and any MOD 30ML controller can transmit up to 32 and receive up to 32 parameters of any supported data type. The Modbus RTU protocol supports floating point and can be set for either RS-232 or RS-485. MOD 30ML can act as either a master or slave on the bus. A second, independent communication network can be added using a plug-in module for RS-232 Modbus, RS-485 Modbus, Ethernet, or ICN. The protocol for the second network is independent of that selected for the built-in network. A standard RJ45 Ethernet cable and a factory installed 2040NZ communication module. The protocol is Modbus TCP. This option uses the second communication network. Setup is done through a simple utility included with the XModbus OPC Server and the configuration software. Host communication is supported by MicroMod’s XModbus OPC Server.