Low Pressure Sight Level Indicator – Model RL, TL

Low pressure sight level indicators (glass level gages) are designed to maximize the mechanical and economic advantages of ductile iron covers and are used in less demanding process applications. These units are used in direct reading liquid level measurement for low pressure tanks applications in the petroleum, chemical and general process industries.

There are 2 low pressure indicator models: the Model RL-Reflex Low Pressure and Model TL-Transparent Low Pressure. Reflex gages (RL) have a single vision slot in which light can enter the chamber. Above the liquid level, light is reflected and usually appears silvery. Area where liquid level is filled becomes transparent or dark/opaque depending on the medium being observed. Transparent gages (TL) have a vision slot on both sides of the chamber. Light enters on the opposite side of the observer so both the level of a liquid and characteristics can be seen. For observation in dark environments, illuminators are available for use with transparent gages.

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