Liquid Leak Detection System – SmrtSolutions

IntelliView has developed new methods of detecting fluid spills or leaks. Some leaks start out so small that they cannot be detected by traditional monitoring systems. However, early leak detection can save millions of dollars in product loss and cleanup costs, as well as prevent environmental disasters and fines.


The core of IntelliView’s industrial surveillance solution is the SmrtDVR, a comprehensive digital video processing system. Using video input, the SmrtDVR analyzes images of the site using patented analytic algorithms to decide if an alarm condition exists and if real-time event notification is required. Alerts and pictures of the alarm condition are transmitted via satellite, radio, cellular or network to site control rooms, third-party monitoring stations, email or your smartphone device.

IntelliView analytics operate within a camera’s view in userdefined areas of interest. A single camera view can execute multiple analytics and/or multiple instances of the same analytic, providing maximum flexibility and lowering overall costs.

IntelliView’s systems use a wide variety of video sensors (including industry leaders such as FLIR) and digital recording technology to monitor, analyze, alarm, and store images on site in our patented SmrtDVR. Its unique architecture is ideally suited for remote applications.

IntelliView’s patented software includes an environmental filter that significantly reduces false alarms caused by shadows, glare, ice, or other extreme weather conditions by 95%. The unique system configuration allows the solution to be located at the edge of facility or property perimeters. There, it records the video and is able to detect when an event has occurred and immediately sends a notification to the client. The software allows up to 10 different rules to be applied per camera.

Included with all IntelliView DVRs is a standard suite of analytics focused on security applications. These include capabilities to set up virtual perimeters for example to alarm on movement across a fence, movement across an open area, access control to a gate, loitering in an area and many more.