Intelligent Digital Video Recorder – SmrtDVR

IntelliView introduces state-of-the-art patented technology that compensates for outdoor environmental conditions such as rain, snow, shadows, and glare reducing false alarms significantly. IntelliView is proud to combine the cutting edge H.264 digital video recording (DVR) technology with sophisticated video analytics, automated alarm management and targeted event notification. In addition to its ease of use, the SmrtDVR boasts plug-and-play functionality that significantly minimizes installation time and costs. It can be used with existing or new video camera equipment and connects directly to analog/CCTV or IP cameras.

The SmrtDVR is a complete end-to-end intelligent video security and surveillance system that can operate:

• As a stand-alone system with one-touch video playback for inspection, and full control on playback speed and direction over one or all of the channels simultaneously.
• With the ability to select videos or images for exporting to external USB, DVD or CD in H.264, AVI or JPEG format.
• Remotely by incorporating it as a network of many units for large multi-site installations.