High Pressure Manual Instrument Needle Valves

All Parker Autoclave Engineers Needle Valves incorporate a rising stem/block design while the non-rotating feature of the stem prevents galling. In addition, the valves are designed with metal to metal seating for bubble tight shut-off, long stem/seat life even in abrasive flow conditions, and excellent overall corrosion resistance. A Vee stem is chosen when the application calls for direct on-off, metal to metal shut-off with fast opening capabilities. For tighter flow control a non-rotating regulating stem is available. For the most precise flow control, a MicroMetering™ stem design is recommended. 10V and SW series needle valves are designed for operation to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar). SM series medium pressure valves are built to operate safely and reliably to 20,000 psi (1379 bar). They high pressure series offer a diverse line of needle valves from 30,000 psi, 40,000 psi, 60,000 psi, to 150,000 psi (10345 bar).