Free Float Steam Trap with Thermostatic Air Venting – FreeFloat® JH8R-X

A reliable and durable cast steel steam trap for use on large-size process equipment. JH8R-B is also suitable for high-pressure process equipment Self-modulating free float provides continuous, smooth, low-velocity condensate discharge as process loads vary. Constant water seal design ensures a steam-tight seal, even under low-load conditions. Only one moving part, the free float, eliminates concentrated valve wear and provides long maintenance-free service life. Rugged float construction with up to 1500 or 1600 psig* hydraulic shock rating ensures excellent resistance of the float to water hammer. JH8R-X: Thermostatic capsule (X-element) with “fail open” feature vents air automatically at close-to-steam temperature.
JH8R-B: Thermostatic bimetal air vent valve vents air automatically for rapid startup. Built-in screen with large surface area ensures extended trouble-free operation. * Depending on orifice No.