Flag Type Magnetic Level Indicator – MULTIVIEW™ MG, Flag Type

MG Flag type monitors provide a more secure link between indicator and float. The view housing is sealed and consists of a single column assembly of aluminum flags within an extruded aluminum channel. Flags are anodized with black on one side and gold on the other. Each flag houses a small magnet and is assembled on a single, individual axle. As the float in the standpipe rises and falls, the magnetic interactions between float and flag magnets cause the flags to rotate 180°. These changes are shown through contrasting colors – black above and gold below the liquid level. To insure trouble-free operation, flags are magnetically interlocked and utilize mechanical stops preventing over-rotation. Penberthy’s redundant axle system prevents binding, with each flag allowed to rotate on the axle and each axle free to rotate in the channel.

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