Fixed Orifice Flowmeter – 2020 Series

The fixed-orifice flowmeters are designed for low flow applications, from 0-2 to 0-40 GPH. Like the variable-area flowmeters they are built from solids blocks of metal making them a favorite for high line pressure applications, to 3000 psi. You will find many in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Though rugged, they maintain the sensitivity required for low flow measurements.We use a fixed Delrin orifice centered on a spring-loaded Buna-N diaphragm-magnet sensor, which provides sensitive responses to changes in flow. This diaphragm sensor is magnetically coupled to a pointer, which relays the flow rate onto an easy to read square-root calibrated dial. These in-line flowmeters often replace rotameters, which have small scales that can be difficult to read, especially with dirty or opaque fluids.