Explosion Proof & Field Adjustable Flushmount Pressure Transmitter – Model 88F

The Model 88F is a durable, full featured, flush diaphragm pressure transmitter. It is designed to mount flush against process media and to prevent any media particles, such as from paper slurry, from collecting at the diaphragm. Its rugged 316 stainless steel and Hastelloy C construction make it perfect for tough environments and corrosive media conditions. The compact size and weight of the Model 88F transmitter eliminate any complicated mounting hardware and mechanical supports. The integral junction box permits simple field wiring, too. All of this reduces your installation time substantially. And with the cover retained by a stainless steel chain and no internal jumpers for span turndown, losses due to misplaced or dropped parts are eliminated. A 4-20 mA output is standard with a 12-40 VDC power supply. Approvals include ratings for CSA, for both intrinsic safety and explosion-proof, and FM for exlosionproof only. The Model 88F also meets NACE standards.