Dual Expanding Plug Valve

The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve has been developed to offer an alternative to the principle of two separate in line valves with an intermediate drain and/or bleed valve. The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve provides upstream and downstream sealing without causing any abrasion or wear to the elastomeric sealing surfaces. This ensures “zero leakage” in both directions in addition to securing long life of the seals and low opening and closing torque. Several relief or bleed options are available to maximize the performance of the VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve.

The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve exists in different executions:
• Figure no. 2300 Reduced Bore – Standard Version
• Figure no. 2301 Full Bore Piggable
• Figure no. 2302 Full Bore Pig-launcher
• Figure no. 2304 Four-Way Diverter Valve