Drilling Fluid Valve – C45-DFV Fabri-Valve®

The C45-DFV Fabri-Valve is a pneumatically actuation control valve that is able to withstand harsh drilling fluid system requirements. The PTFE Graphite braided packing keeps its sealing surface memory. The DFV also utilizes a first row of Kevlar packing to act as a wiper – protecting the packing from abrasive drilling fluid. Replaceable seats extend the life of the drilling fluid system valves and an unobstructed flow design reduces the potential for pump damage caused by back pressure and volume restrictions. Full port design offers 40% greater flow than a butterfly valve and replaces a butterfly valve with no dimensional changes. As a result these valves can extend the life of centrifugal pumps by increasing flow and eliminating damage that can occur from back pressure. Fabri-Valve DFV is available in a variety of materials of construction as well as handwheel, gear operator, double acting air cylinder, spring return cylinder, hydraulic cylinder or electric operator configurations.

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