Check Valves – CB Series

Parker CB and CBF Series Check Valves are designed for uni-directional flow control of fluids and gases. The unique floating ball valve design handles demanding services in power eneration, chemical processing, oil/ gas production, and other demanding applications. The CB/CBF Series are specifically designed to reduce check valve maintenance and performance requirements on dual fuel turbines. Specific issues include, but are not limited to seat leakage, coking, repair and maintenance. All of these issues directly affect turbine efficiency, impacting operating costs. The advanced seat materials of the CB/CBF Series Check Valves are particularly suited for higher temperature applications requiring high integrity leak rates and re-sealing capabilities.

Dimensions in inches (millimeters) are for reference only, subject to change. The correct part number is easily derived from the following example and ordering chart. The six product characteristics required are coded as shown in the chart.

The example below describes a CB Series Check Valve with 3/4″ CPI™ compression inlet and outlet ports, a 120 psi crack pressure, arkerfill seat and stainless steel body construction.
Example: 12Z-CB12L-120-PF-SS