Calibration Software – JofraCal

JOFRACAL is a complete process calibration solution, enabling paperless calibration. JOFRACAL offers configuration and unlimited storage of calibration procedures, calibration setups and calibration results. The software handles comparisons between the process readout value and the reference value; a measurement typically required by ISO 9000, GMP, or HACCP systems. Offering a scheduling and documenting calibration system on your PC. All calibration data are stored for each sensor to monitor drift and optimize recalibration intervals. A scheduler feature allows planning of future calibrations. Calibrate thermocouples, RTD´s, transmitters, thermo-switches, pressure gauges, sensors, transmitters, pressure switches, signal converters, amplifiers, indicators, insulation amplifiers, etc.

Instrument Combinations
JOFRACAL calibration software combines Jofra temperature, pressure and signal calibrators into larger and more capable calibration systems. JOFRACAL can also be used for manual calibrations. It can be set up to accept manual entry of calibration data together with other liquid baths, ice points or dry-block heat sources. JOFRACAL can be used with Jofra HPC, DPC-500, APC, CPC and IPI pressure calibrators, all Jofra temperature calibrators, as well as Jofra ASC multi signal calibrators and the ASM signal multi scanner.

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