Bond Plate for Clamp Bonding System – Standard Series, Type SBP

The bonding surface of the Stauff Bond Plate, Type SBP is primed with a two-component chemically cured waterborne primer (MIL-PRF-85582) that forms a film that is resistant to chemicals, solvents, moisture and abrasion. The adhesive is applied to this primed area of the bond plate using a manual adhesive gun, dispenser slide and mixing tips. Internal pressure-sensitive installation fixture providing constant positive pressure and holding the bond plate in position while the adhesive cures.1
The innovative Stauff Bond system allows for pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and other components with outside diameters up to 4 inches (102 mm) to be adhesively bonded to almost any surface material, such as prepared or unprepared metals, thermoplastics and composites. It enables assembly and service technicians such as tube fitters to replace expensive and sometimes complicated mechanical fastening methods for Stauff Clamps such as welding, brazing, bolting and riveting – a crucial benefit especially in safety-critical situations where welding is usually not considered to be an option.
1For Stauff Group 6 to 8, Stauff Bond Plates are equipped with each two internal installation fixtures.