Automatic, Self-Cleaning Screen Filtration System – ABF Series

The ABF Series consists of heavy duty automatic with an electric self-cleaning mechanism. The five models of the ABF series range in flow-rates of up to 32000 gpm with screens ranging from 3,500-200 micron filtration degree.

Amiad’s suction-scanning technology combines focused flush with automation to provide 100% cleaning of the screen area, using less than 1% of the total process water for cleaning. The self-cleaning cycle is triggered by the accumulation of suspended solids (filter cake) on the screen surface, as measured by the pressure differential. Because cleaning is performed “as needed”, it results in minimal water and energy waste. Suction-scanning technology eliminates the need to isolate the filter during the self-cleaning cycle. The focused cleaning and the minimal exhaust requirement allow for uninterrupted process flow.

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