Automatic, Self Cleaning Disc Filtration System – Super Galaxy, Battery Design

The Super Galaxy filter is based on Spin KlinTM disc filtration technology which is a modular, automatic, self cleaning filter designed for high flow rates and may be installed either vertically or horizontally. With its unique grooved disc, depth filtration technology and patented self cleaning mechanism, Spin KlinTM filters cover a wide range of industrial, marine, municipal and agricultural applications from 400 to as fine as 20 micron filtration degrees. Battery is a system of filters that are backwashed individually. The number of filters in a battery is determined according to the system designed flow rate and may have between 3 to 6 filters, with 12”- 20” inlet / outlet diameters.

Each filter contains multiple filtration spines on which the Spin KlinTM discs are stacked. These thin, color-coded polymeric discs are diagonally grooved in opposite directions on both sides to a specific micron size. When mounted on the spine, the discs’ grooves form a matrix of consecutive stopping points letting the water pass through while stopping suspended solids. A tightening cylinder compresses the discs by a preloaded spring, piston and differential pressure, ensuring accurate filtration degree with no possibility of breakthrough.

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