Adhesive Cartridge for Clamp Bonding System – Standard Series, Type SBA 200-40

The Stauff Bond acrylic structural adhesive is a two-component thixotropic paste adhesive (mixing ratio of 8:1) packed in a suitable 40 ml / 1.35 oz  dual cartridge. It is capable of bonding a wide variety of prepared or unprepared metals, engineering thermoplastics and composites, and replacing commonly used mechanical fastening methods such as welding, brazing, bolting and riveting in various industries. After just 30 minutes, handling strength is achieved, with 100 percent of its ultimate performance achieved after 24 hours. Until that point, the fastening aids integrated into the base plate ensure the bond is formed in precisely the right position (without additional load-bearing) and guarantees even contact pressure.

The Stauff Bond adhesive cures quickly at room temperature and exhibits excellent environmental and chemical resistance. The adhesive is supplied in resealable twin-cartridges and is applied using a manually operated dispenser with specially designed dispenser slides and mixing tips.